Are You a Happy Person?

By: Anonymous

Please be patient and read it to the end. It is absolutely true.

Your quest for happiness starts at home, with yourself. It’s all about
having self-esteem and valuing yourself instead of putting yourself down.

Having confidence in yourself doesn’t make you into some sort of horrible
diva! It means you’re responsible and you’re proud of what you achieve;
instead of remembering the bad things you choose to focus on the positives.

What’s wrong with that?

Of course, everyone gets their bad days, but you know that taking your life
in your own hands isn’t all as complicated as all that.

Here’s the guide to being happy with yourself.

Find Self-Esteem:

So you want to learn how to be happy with yourself? Great!

Having self-esteem means loving who you are and persuading yourself that you
deserve happiness just as much as anyone else.

In order to achieve happiness with yourself, you need to do a little work
every day!

Start by Setting Aside ‘Me Time’ Each Day.

The experts say that an hour of ‘me time’ a day is essential and beneficial. You then need to learn to be easy on yourself, even when you do something wrong.

Try noting down everything you’ve achieved in a day every night. You’ll
soon realise your list is actually pretty lengthy! Then compliment yourself
every day for what you’ve achieved. You’ll realise what you’re worth and learn to recognise your worth.

Count Your Blessings

Is your life really all that bad? Ask yourself honestly and have a long
think. You’ve got a partner, kids, parents, friends, a job, good health…what ore could you really ask for?

Maybe it’s time to stop complaining and admit you’re actually lucky to have
what you’ve got. Accept your lot in life and make the most of what you

Accept Your Moods

Not everything in life is rosy. We all have our good days and bad days –
there’s no need to make a big deal out of a bad day.

Everyone has their ups and downs. You need to accept them. And if you start
out in a good mood things are far more likely to go your way!

Mood swings are a totally natural phenomenon we should just accept. As long
as you don’t play the victim, they always go away after a couple of hours
or a couple of days….

Don’t Over-Dramatise

So things are going wrong for you and the whole world seems black. OK, it
might not be a bed of roses but that’s just the way it goes. It’s not the
end of the world, so don’t over-dramatise!

Ask yourself useful questions, and without being selfish or insensitive,
detach yourself from what’s going on around you. You’ll realise it isn’t as
awful as all that and you’ll feel happier on the inside.

Give Your Life Meaning

So you’re not impressed with life? Feel like something’s missing? Instead
of wallowing in self-pity, why not try and give your life meaning? It will
make you feel better and more complete.

Think about the things you care about deeply (your love life, kids, work,
freedom). Identify the aspects of your life that aren’t satisfactory to you
and set about giving yourself targets to meet.

Knowing who you are and why you’re doing what you’re doing will help you
give your life direction – and not just any direction. Your own direction.

Get Your Motivation Back

Motivation is what keeps us going. Without it, we feel weighed down, we
lack energy and we lack the drive to do things. How do you go about getting
your motivation back?

What you need is the basic motivation to kick-start you into action and
make what you do seem exciting and interesting.

Everyone has their own sources of motivation and their own little ways of
getting that ‘bring on the world’ feeling! No two people are the same and
different things make different people happy. You need to find out what
gives you the energy you need and spurs you into action, and use it.

Get Creative

Creativity is one of the pillars of happiness. Creative tasks are amazingly
positive for you (DIY disasters aside). You escape from your routine and
forget about the daily grind. You might even be amazed by the results…

Creating isn’t all about producing something spectacular or extravagant. It
could be anything from cooking up a special meal to re-decorating your flat
to organising a trip away with the family or with your boyfriend. The
simple things are often the best. Express yourself and get happy!

Treat Yourself

What if happiness was just one long stream of small pleasures?

You need your treats: they make you feel good and can lift your mood if
you’re feeling down in the dumps.

Simple pleasures are often the best: going shopping, treating yourself to a big fat slice of chocolate cake, sitting down and reading a book, singing in the bathroom…whatever makes you happy, do it!

What effects do small pleasures have on us? They release happy hormones that makes us feel happy on the inside, which in turn makes us glow on the
outside too! So don’t deny yourself your everyday treats – they keep you in
a good mood. Whoever said being happy had to be complicated?

Cultivating happiness means maintaining good relationships with others,
especially your friends. And what better than a get-together to spend
quality time with each other? Best excuse for a party we’ve had in ages.

Get everyone round for long chats, go out for dinner, hit the town and be
the life and soul of the party!

What if you’re shattered or you haven’t got any money? Just keep it simple:
invite your friends round for a drink, a cheap and cheerful meal, or even
go out for a jog together. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to spend time

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