How to help the Islamic and Arab World    

By: Anonymous

  1. Belief in Arabs and Muslims right to liberate their lands and faith in their ability to do so.
  1. Not to justify the existence of the occupation under any item, and refusal of any remarks comes from others to justify the occupation, whether in Palestine or Lebanon or the Golan or Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere else.
  1. Never to get in dissension that divide the Arabs and Muslims, such as talking about  different religions and sects, or different political persuasions and to avoid inciting, and not attack personalities representing a symbol for others -religious, political, sectarian point of view – even if you think they are wrong, if they are alive give them advice or pray for them, if they are dead the least to do is to forget them, it is no use to blame the dead. We are a nation that is targeted by the enemy, entirely, all sects, religions, ideologies and beliefs. The enemy wants to raise prejudices and strives to destroy every single community alone, and will not accept any bargaining.
  1. Know your history: we are a nation that exerted to the whole world a great human civilization. There are some attempts to distort the history and attacks on personalities that we are proud of. Refuse these attempts and I read about historical scholars and leaders, and defend them.
  1. Arab and Islamic case has to be your priority, and always dream of a free homeland with nor occupation neither puppet governments. Work for it by all means available.
  1. Focuse your goal and encourage other to do the same : The most important goal we have to strive for now is to liberate the Arab and Islamic lands occupied by Zionist and American forces and forces that help them like what so called the multi-national forces and Arab puppet governments. It is not the time to talk about political programs and the differences.
  1. Mastered work whatsoever : Our enemies are doing their jobs very accurately, never refuse to do any work.
  1. Emails sent worldwide, to the United Nations and explain our case, do not under estimate those letters, if we insist some day the world will listen to us.  Use your rights to demonstrate in all parts of the world, does not believe that the demonstration has not results, repetitive water-drops crash a rock.
  1. Donation: establishing priorities, fighters who practice armed struggle against the occupation which is legitimate according to United Nations laws, donate for Arab displaced children, refugees, these children are our future, it is the goal of the enemy to destroy them. And the donation of the landless poor, the sick and infirm who estimated millions in Egypt alone, and other Arab and Muslim States. Poverty makes citizens an easy prey to enemy.
  1. Grounds projects for the poor, or post businessmen and ask for that. Participated in this project by buying products of these projects and donation.
  1. Boycott all foreign products, and buy Arab products. Be keen to contact Arab and Muslim companies and institutions to comment on the products quality and give suggestions.
  1. Follow up news of the Arab and Islamic world render the picture to the whole world by posting and mailing to foreign papers institutions friends, many of the Western are not aware of violations committed by the enemy.
  1. Sent letters of support for the resistance everywhere, and make the world know.
  1. Teach your children the rights of Arabs and Muslims : make your child echoes : Palestine for Arabs. Make them love their homeland and give them faith in the our rights, let them know their enemy : Israel and the United States of America and their supporters.
  1. Blood donation: for those who are injured in the occupied territories, patients at homeland.
  1. Post unions and party leaders, and ask them to take positions in support of the resistance against the occupier, and ask to launch a donation campaign in favor of Palestine, Lebanon and all Arabs or Muslims living under occupation, donate and invite everyone to contribute through all means.
  1. Wide greatest e- Use mails and chats to explain our case rather than talk about trivial topics.
  1. Speak Arabic, there is no problem to learn several languages, but you are interested in the Arabic language and do not use items in foreign language while you speak Arabic, be proud of Arabic language, recall Arabic grammar.
  1. Do not use the word “terrorism” except in reference to Israelis and Americans, succeeded in posing terrorism charge into us, and the world echoes their calls, we have to reverse this charge and pose it into them.
  1. Do not criticize any action of Arabs or Muslims people in public, of course we exclude Arab governments from this. The Arab governments are part of the United States of America, but beyond that, even if some Arab or Muslim acts wrong do not criticize him/her in public, or accuse him/her of terrorism regardless of the act. You can give him/her a secret advice. If not, pray for him/her. Remember that Zionist entity does not criticize one of its citizens, even the criminal committed Hebron massacre. Even Egal Amir who killed Rabin, though he is imprisoned now but he was not accused by anyone of terrorism.
  1. Buy Arab shares, Jews are controlling world economy because of Jewish purchase of shares, thereby supporting their dominance in the global stock market.
  1. Support National Education, contact the Ministries of Education and submit proposals to elevate the level of education, don join your children to schools directed by Americans, Canadians and French.
  1. Demand for a boycott of governments, embassies and products of the American Zionist enemy; arrange conference thereon, participated in it, email everyone.
  1. Wave Palestinian flag, in your car, on your door of home, wear the Palestinian flag.
  1. Support Arab figures sincere to Arab case : artists, writers, public figures, businessmen. Ask  others to do likewise.
  1. Participated in the Global votes, participate in elections.
  1. You have to pray, whatever it is your religion or sect, even if you are a sinner, know that God do  not expel those who remember them, be sure that God listen to you.
  1. Love and tolerance : We have to love each other. Do not hate one of your people because he differs from you in religion, sect, race or language. We have to join and socialize. Remember if you face an American or Israeli gun you either live together or die together.
  1. Ask for the maximum of your dreams : Address embassies, the United Nations and the nations of the world, with the maximum of your dreams, No do not say I will try to be realistic. It is humans who create reality, remember the Zionist dream was not realistic 50 years ago.
  1. Focuse on the victories: It is your duty to transfer Arabs and Muslims sufferings. But you must also lift the morals of your people, always remind them of victories achieved by the resistance.
  1. Do not underestimate work: either your work, everything you do would be a benefit, or work done by others. Instead of criticism and ridicule others who are making efforts to help their nation, think about what you can do, or how to help them to.
  1. Do not get any foreign funds if you have any project or an NGO, we need to be independent, and boycott those who get foreign funds.
  1. Remember that we are a billion and 200 million, if every one apply just one item of this list we will win in 10 years. Forward this mail, print it, distribute it.



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