Top 10 Management Skills (Being Successful in Life and Business)

By: Anonymous

No. 1: Pride:

Take pride in what you do and it will shine through in your performance. Many people look at their jobs as just a paycheck and set no goals for the future. It’s life-changing to actually like going to work instead of dreading it. You should only pursue a career in something you love to do, with people you enjoy and respect.

No. 2: Dedication:

Along with pride comes dedication. Stay dedicated to your work and the progress of your company. A manager who runs a facility like he owns it becomes completely dedicated to the business.

People are devoted to the things they own, so own your work and the choices you make for the betterment of the company.

No. 3: Reliability:

Being reliable is an absolute must for any position. This means showing up for work on time and ready to do whatever it takes. Those around you need to know they can count on you to come prepared for the job.

No. 4: Organization:

The more organized you are, the more accomplished you’ll be. An office should always be well-stocked and organized so you’re never running around searching for supplies. Every process can be executed more easily and efficiently when you have the proper tools at hand.

No. 5: Time Management:

Managing your time keeps you focused and on task. A checklist is the most useful tool as far as time management goes. This allows you to prioritize and figure out how much time can be spent on which tasks.

No. 6: Communication:

Proper communication keeps everyone on the same page. It eliminates loose ends that can turn into problems if not addressed. Log books with detailed notes are great. Calendars also help to keep everyone prepared for upcoming events or appointments.

No. 7: Teamwork:

Create a network of people working together with the same goals. Everyone should feel important and essential to the business. As long as you are loyal to your employees, they will be loyal to you. Allow yourself and others to be team players by empowering your employees.

No. 8: Leadership:

The key is to lead by example. If you want others to continue in a productive direction, then you must show them that by doing so yourself.

Also, never manage a position you’re incapable of fulfilling. Eliminating special treatment and exceptions will allow everyone to feel equal. A great leader encourages participation and keeps everyone involved.

No. 9: Patience:

Training is critical for retaining employees. People learn at different paces and in different ways. Patience and time is required when training staff and dealing with customer situations.

No. 10: Enthusiasm:

Emotions are contagious. If you keep an upbeat attitude, it will spread to those around you. High spirits bring on motivation, and motivation gets things done.

About Amr Badran

An Egyptian Business Consultant and Corporate Trainer since 1997. I've trained on Management, Leadership and Soft Skills to thousands of people from many nationalities, backgrounds and professions in more than 10 countries across the Middle and Far East. Holder of an MBA and a Candidate for Doctorate in Business. Find more about my Management and Personal Skills Courses at and feel free contacting me at
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