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خمسة وثلاثون أدباً في التعامل مع الوالدين

إغلاق الجوال في حضرتهم. الإنصات لحديثهم . تقبل رأيهم . التفاعل مع حديثهم . النظر إليهم مباشرة بتذلل. المدح والإشادة الدائمة لهم. مشاركتهم الأخبار المفرحة. عدم نقل الأخبار السلبية لهم. الثناء على أصدقائهم ومن يحبون. التذكير الدائم بإنجازاتهم . الإيحاء … Continue reading

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Job Vacancy: Purchasing Manager – Textile Background – 10th of Ramadan – Egypt

For a major textile factory in 10th of Ramadan city: A Purchasing Manager with minimum 10 years of experience in textile purchasing is required. Will be required to lead the purchasing department, and manage whole factory procurement operations. 9-5, Friday off. Salary … Continue reading

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6 Ways to be More Efficient with Emails

When your inbox is flooding, you have to get more organized! Check if you add value, prioritize or know when to skip an email. – Egypt Business Directory You know this feeling after coming back from a holiday finding your … Continue reading

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7 Behaviors That Influence How People Judge Your Personality

Remember: People will judge you by your actions, not your intentions. By: Lolly Daskal From the first moment you meet someone, they are–consciously or unconsciously–judging you. Even before you’ve opened your mouth, they’ve started the process of assessing who you … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Team after Firing an Employee

Good leaders will wisely assess the situation and find the courage to take action following a firing or round of layoffs. By: Caren Merrick At one time or another, every one of us will experience the aggravation of working with … Continue reading

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الدورات التدريبية التى أقدمها باللغة العربية

1. أخطاء الإدارة ومفاهيم الإدارة الناجحة – 3 أيام  2. إدارة الوقت والإجتماعات بنجاح – يومين 3. إعداد القادة – قيادة الذات – 4 أيام 4. إعداد القادة – قيادة الفريق – 4 أيام 5. إعداد القادة – قيادة المؤسسة … Continue reading

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List of my Training Courses

Administrative & Secretarial Courses ————————————————————- 1. Administrative Office Procedures – 3 Days 2. Administrative, Secretarial and Office Management Skills  – 3 Days 3. Archiving and Records Management – 3 Days 4. Executive and Personal Assistants Skills – 3 Days 5. … Continue reading

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