6 Ways to be More Efficient with Emails

When your inbox is flooding, you have to get more organized! Check if you add value, prioritize or know when to skip an email.

– Egypt Business Directory

You know this feeling after coming back from a holiday finding your inbox flooding with emails? Or even on a normal day do your emails give you a headache?

Payfort listed 6 useful tips to take control over your inbox

1- Are you adding value?

Sometimes we reply to emails just to reply, but the time you waste writing this email where you don’t add anything new to the topic is time wasted for you and for the receiver. Instead, focus on getting something done and write the email about that, always send an email that adds value to the reader.

2- Prioritize:

Although it seems obvious, it’s good to repeat. Don’t reply in the order you got the emails, instead try prioritizing them according to which ones need a reply now and which ones can wait till later.

3- Save links for later:

We fight every day not to get distracted (as much as we can). It will help to save the links and vides that you receive in your inbox for later.

4- Your goal is 24 hours:

24 hours is the widely-accepted window in business when it comes to response time. However, you have to know which emails can’t wait this time.

5- Give challenging emails their time: 

Answer those small issues that will take a few minutes, then dedicate a 30-45 minute window to the more challenging emails that need some preparation or focus.

6- Know when to skip:

Sometimes things keep coming back and forth in email, wasting a lot of time without getting fixed. You have to know when to leave the inbox and pick up the phone or go for a face to face meeting to get things done faster.


About Amr Badran

An Egyptian Business Consultant and Corporate Trainer since 1997. I've trained on Management, Leadership and Soft Skills to thousands of people from many nationalities, backgrounds and professions in more than 10 countries across the Middle and Far East. I've also provided my consultancy service for issues of Strategic Planning, Marketing, Sales and Capacity Building. Holder of an MBA and a Candidate for Doctorate in Business. Find more about my Management and Personal Skills Courses at AmrBadran.com and feel free contacting me at Amr@AmrBadran.com
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