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8 Habits of Highly Lucky People

Why optimism and flexibility are vital to success in anything. By: Neil Farber M.D, Ph.D Were you born under a lucky star? Does luck follow you around? Do others consider you a lucky person all the time? In the movie, A … Continue reading

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7 HR Strategies for Landing the Perfect Job Candidate

Hiring great employees is a process. Make sure you’ve got these steps in place. Published via Landing the best candidates to fill critical roles in your business requires a series of carefully coordinated steps. Your human resources (HR) team … Continue reading

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Top 18 Techniques to Defeat Stress without Meds or Shrinks

By: Donna Norton I’ve had the pleasure of direct communication with Donna Norton; she’s intelligent and motivated. I hope you like her post, and benefit from it, as much as I did. Enjoy her infographic.

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