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8 Items You Should Never Buy Used

By: Sean Graw “Buy used” is probably the most popular advice given to someone looking to save money, and it’s not bad advice — most of the time. There are three categories of items in the realm of buying used: … Continue reading

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6 Toxic Marriage Habits Most People Think Are Normal

By: Mark Manson – modified by Amr Badran There’s no class in high school on how to not be a bad husband or wife. Sure, they teach us the biology of sex, the legality of marriage, and maybe we read … Continue reading

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7 Thoughtful Ways to Stress Less

Let go a little to be happier and live better. By: Colette Carlson How many of you want to grow old faster? What, no takers!? Well, did you know you accelerate your aging when you regularly experience stress or anxiety? … Continue reading

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50 Ways to Take a Break

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6 Steps to Confronting Passive-Aggressive Behavior

By: Signe Whitson Do you know someone who is overtly cooperative but covertly defiant? Do you live or work with a person who chronically procrastinates, carries out tasks with intentional inefficiency, or acts as if he or she is the … Continue reading

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10 Things To Tell Your Spouse When Your Relationship Is Difficult

For you. By: Power of Positivity Things are tough at home right now and have been for some time. Do you press the eject button or do you press on? Before throwing your spouse’s things in a bin liner and … Continue reading

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Why Women Live Longer Than Men!!


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